Plan the Best Type of Intervention for Your Loved One

Plan the Best Type of Intervention for Your Loved One


Having a loved one who is addicted to drugs or alcohol can be devastating. You may be worried they are going to lose their life to the addiction. If you already have had family members with addictions, you know what it could do to them. Are you ready to help an addict? Holding an intervention may be the best thing you can do. Learn what the best type will be for your loved one.

Medical Intervention

One of the types of interventions that is done is a medical intervention. This is when the medical professional or physician lets the addict know that their drinking or drug use is a problem. They let the addict know they are in a dangerous situation where major health problems are at risk. Some of these health problems are kidney failure, pancreatitis, stroke and cirrhosis. If you want to help an addict, you may want to see if this type of intervention is right for your loved one.

Legal Intervention

This happens when the addict gets a DUI, possession charge, underage drinking or another charge associated with drinking or doing/selling drugs. The court will usually require the addict to take part in a class, restrict the driving privileges and it will cost money as well. Some addicts see the error of their ways after this happens. Others need more to happen before they make the change of overcoming their addiction.

Work Intervention

This happens when the addict get referred to Human Resources because of their drinking or drug use. They may not get a raise or promotion. Some addicts will be put on probation, get demoted or even get fired. Again, some addicts may see they need to overcome their addiction when this happens.

Family Intervention

This happens when family members, a spouse or others get together with the addict and talk about what is happening. Sometimes ultimatums are given but even more resources are given to help the person with the addiction see that others want to help an addict.

These are some of the types of interventions that should be noted here today. You may need to call to see which is best for your loved one. Sometimes multiple interventions will need to be held before the addict sees they need to change. Keep this in mind and remember to stay calm because that will only cause the addict to push away farther.