Positive Communication is the Key with Your Recovering Addict Child

Positive Communication is Key with Your Recovering Addict Child

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Your recovering addict child needs you. Recovering all by one’s self can be lonely and greatly increase the chances of relapsing. How does family history affect addiction? Think about this as you consider what your child is going through. They have been through a lot and if they learned addictive behaviors from other family members, they need your help more than ever. Positive communication is key to helping your recovering addict child. Let them be open with you and you be with them as well. Just remember to leave judgments out of the conversations. They need your support and positive communication more than anything.

Stepping Back

Yes, it is great to support your recovering addict child and be there for them. However, you shouldn’t take the reins from them. They need to recover and make changes for themselves. Trying to take control won’t work and it will only harm them. Sometimes stepping back is one of the best things you can do for them. Communicate about your support for them and let them know you are there when they need you. Watch for signs that they might need you in case they are scared to ask for help. How does family history affect addiction? If it is a problem, don’t step too far back so they aren’t triggered to use again by others.


Speaking of forgiveness in the conversations is essential. Positive communication about why you forgive them and having them forgive you when they are ready is wonderful. It allows a freedom to take over the air. Nobody can force each other to forgive. However, when talking about it with your recovering addict child, make sure once you forgive, you leave that event or situation in the past. If you continue bringing it up, you haven’t really forgiven them and this may make them push away from you instead.

Journal Sharing

It could be beneficial to share a journal with your recovering addict child. In this journal, you may want to write positive and inspirational quotes. You may want to write your child a note on how well you think they are doing in recovery. These are just some ideas. They may want to write a note to you on how much they appreciate the positive communication and relationship they now have with you.

If you want to help your recovering addict child, positive communication truly is the key. Make sure to work on this with your child each day!