Preparing Everyone to Hold an Intervention

Preparing Everyone to Hold an Intervention


When you have someone in your family, a friend or a co-worker, who has an addiction, you may want to think about having an intervention. If you aren’t sure what that is or even how it is done, you don’t need to worry. With addiction and family, many things are confusing. However, preparing for an intervention doesn’t have to be very complicated. It doesn’t need to be elaborate. You only need some people who care and love the person with the addiction to express what everyone is going through. Here are some tips on how to prepare for having an intervention.

Get the Details

The first step in planning one of these is to get the details. Make sure you know who is going to come, where the meeting will be held, when it is going to be held and what everyone is going to say. It is helpful to have everyone who is going to be there write down close to what they are going to say. This helps to keep everyone on track. With addiction and family members, it is easy to get sidetracked.

Asking for Professional Help

As mentioned, when it comes to addiction and family, it is often confusing and tough to keep everyone on the same page. It might help with the intervention success if you ask for professional help. There are many professional specialists who would be glad to come offer a hand in getting your family member, friend or co-worker to get into treatment.

Getting Everyone Set

Before holding the intervention, make sure everyone is set. If there are any family members who feel they aren’t ready, talk them through it. It is very important they stay focused on the person with the addiction and how that person’s actions affect them. They must not get sidetracked on their own personal issues or things may not go right.

Stick to the Facts

With addiction and family, it is very easy for an intervention to be more based on the feelings. People end up saying things they don’t mean because they have been hurt by the addict. This is another reason it is helpful to have everyone practice what they are going to say. That way before the meeting is held everyone is prepared.

These are some of the tips for holding a proper and helpful intervention. If you need more help, call the rehab center today.