Is Rapid Detox for Your Loved One?

Is Rapid Detox for Your Loved One?

rapid detox

When you have a loved one who is addicted to drugs and you want to give drug addiction help for family members, you may want to learn more about rapid detox. This isn’t something that is discussed too often but it might be right for your loved one. When your loved one stops using drugs, they will likely experience withdrawal symptoms. This is the detoxing process at work and there are many detox programs out there. Learn about this type of detox to see if it could benefit your loved one.

What is this type of detox?

When someone goes through rapid detox, they have a doctor or nurse giving them a type of drug that counteracts many withdrawal symptoms. The doctor or nurse may even give the recovering addict anesthesia as well. This process can be quite stressful for your loved one’s body but they aren’t aware of what is going on because they aren’t conscious during this process. If you want to give drug addiction help for family members, keep reading more today.

What are some benefits of this type of detox program?

With rapid detox, your loved one could get a lot of benefits. Many addicts don’t want to overcome addiction because they fear the withdrawals. Since with this type of detoxing they won’t be conscious, they won’t recognize the symptoms. Additionally, patients who undergo this detox can get through detoxing quicker than with the normal detox methods. Many patients will get into treatment quicker if they know this is an option.

Are there downsides to this detox program?

As with any type of detox program, there are going to be some downsides. There would always be a risk any time, anyone is put under anesthesia. Whether it is for detoxing or a surgery or procedure of some sort. Some people can’t go under anesthesia because of allergic reactions so this may not be an option for them. Some are concerned that the recovering addict won’t be putting forth the effort because they are under the anesthesia. Due to this factor, their risk of relapsing may increase.

Who may benefit from this detox program?

Rapid detox is for some very specific people. Generally, those who are addicted to drugs like heroin or OxyContin would benefit from this program. Also, addicts who don’t also have some form of mental health disorder may benefit from it. Lastly, those who will commit to a rehab program just after this detoxing program could benefit.

These are some things you may want to know if you want to give drug addiction help for family members. Rapid detox has been successful in many cases but there are guidelines on who can get it.