Relapsing Isn’t the End: Overcome it Today

Relapsing Isn’t the End: Overcome it Today


Many recovering addicts have a relapse. Is addiction hereditary? If so, that could increase your chances of relapsing. However, you don’t need to worry. Relapsing isn’t the end of your recovery. It isn’t the end of your triumphs. You can overcome it and there are many tips that will help you to do that. Read more here to find out just how you can get past a relapse and keep moving ahead in your recovering lifestyle.

Bracing Yourself

If you have relapsed, you may feel humiliated, ashamed and guilty. If you prepare for these feelings before relapsing, you can use them to your advantage. Use them to motivate yourself to have more positive feelings once again. These feelings are normal and they don’t mean you have to stay knocked down. In fact, using them to help you overcome relapsing shows you are strong. It shows you can get past anything so do this!

Finding Support

If you have relapsed, one of the first things you should do is to find support. It doesn’t matter when you relapse, call someone or go to a meeting. Go to someone’s house and let them know you need support. Relapsing isn’t the end so don’t sit there by yourself. Choose to reach out for help and support. Walk back into a rehab if you need to. Is addiction hereditary? If so, talk to someone in your family who has relapsed during their recovery. They will understand and help you through it.

Go Back Into Treatment

There is no shame in going back into treatment. Some recovering addicts are out of treatment for years and they will go back into treatment because they need help. Some do this before relapsing and others do it after. If you feel you need the help or to remember the basics, treatment can help you with this and it can give you more support as well.

Find the Brightness in It

Relapsing doesn’t need to be the end for you. If you have relapsed, find the brightness in the situation. What can you learn from what happened? How can you change things to make it different the next time? Figure these things out so you can avoid the relapse when getting clean and sober again.

These are just some of the reasons relapsing isn’t the end. Don’t let it be the end for your recovery and sobriety! You can do this!