What to Say to Your Child When They Have a Drug Addiction

What to Say to Your Child When They Have a Drug Addiction

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Does your child have a drug addiction? If so, stop right where you are for a moment. Take some time to think about what you are going to say and do. Yes, you probably want to run to them right now and ridicule them for making mistakes. However, that probably will only end with them pushing you away and feeling misunderstood and judged. Is addiction genetic? If it is, they may have watched others make addictive use of alcohol or drugs seem normal. If you want to handle the situation in a healthy manner, here are some things you can say to your child when they have an addiction to drugs.

Say You Love Them

One of the things any addicted child wants to hear is that their parents love them. In fact, some children start using drugs in the first place because they don’t feel loved. Let them know you love them and you only want what is best for their life. Is addiction genetic? If so, let them know you understand and love them no matter what. Tell your child you will love them and support them through the treatment process as well.

Say You Understand

Yes, it might be difficult to understand fully what they have gone through and what they are going through. However, if you understand that they are going through a rough time and need some support, let them know. If you need some help understanding, there are meetings for parents of addicts that can help with this. Is addiction genetic? If so, they may have learned how to use from other family members.

Say You Will Help Them

Your child wants to know that someone is going to help them when they make the difficult choice of overcoming addiction. It is scary enough for anyone to overcome addiction. Doing so as a child is far beyond anything any child should need to do. However, since that is a process they will need to go through, let them know you will help them. You will go to family therapy, meetings, help with responsibilities and support them.

These are some of the things you can say to your child if they have a drug addiction. Anyone who has a drug addiction is going to have a tough time overcoming it. By being there for your child and saying these things, hopefully it will make things a bit easier on them.