Side Effects of a Steroid Addiction

Side Effects of a Steroid Addiction

steroid addiction

Some people associate steroids with bodybuilders. However, steroids go in much deeper than this. If you didn’t know already, many people who use steroids will end up becoming addicted to them. They will have a steroid addiction and there are many side effects to this addiction. Learning more about these side effects will allow people to become more knowledgeable about the substance. Hopefully this can help with some prevention of the addiction and help others get into treatment for their addiction. Is addiction hereditary? Yes, sometimes there are many family members who have used steroids and the next generation may do the same thing. If so, treatment is needed even more.

Liver Damage

One of the first harmful side effects to mention in regards to a steroid addiction is liver damage. When using just about any drug, liver damage is possible. This is especially true for the use of steroids. One of the most common types of steroids that is abused is the anabolic type. These are often the ones that bodybuilders take. However, others may use them as well. If you are using this drug and want to stop the damage to your liver, get help. Is addiction hereditary? If that is why you are using, treatment is even more important.

Higher Cholesterol Levels

One of the most common health concerns for many is high levels of cholesterol. Well, if someone has a steroid addiction, they are much more likely to have higher cholesterol levels. This can be dangerous to the point where it may put someone in the hospital. The sooner someone stops using steroids, the better chances they have of getting their levels regulated again. Is addiction hereditary? If so, find out more about the family health history as it may be a result of the steroid use.


One of the most heard about side effects from a steroid addiction is aggressiveness. Many people hear about “roid rage”. This is real and it does happen more often than people may think. When taking this type of substance, the body becomes confused. Anabolic steroids are strong and they mess with the user’s mood. If you want to get back into your own personality, stopping steroids is a must.

These are some of the most common side effects of a steroid addiction. Find out more about getting help for this type of addiction by calling into the treatment facility today.