Signs of a Drug Addiction You May Not Have Known About

Signs of a Drug Addiction You May Not Have Known About

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Many people think of drug addicts and think of someone sitting around injecting drugs all the time. That is one of the main ways they recognize a drug addict and there are some other signs of a drug addiction they don’t recognize. Is addiction genetic? Is the person showing other addictive behaviors? There are some signs that you may not have known about that you can learn more about here today.

Using More Than One Doctor

Since different counties are not generally linked to the same prescription filling programs or medical records departments, many people with a drug addiction will use more than one doctor. They may go to different doctors in different towns to get pain medications. Some will even go to different ERs to get take home meds or IV drugs. Is addiction genetic? If so, this may be happening to someone you know and love.

Getting Pills Online

There are some people who have a drug addiction that will get pills online. Is addiction genetic? Have they already been told by doctors they aren’t getting any more pain medications? This often sends a drug addict into panic mode. They don’t want to be cut off so they will get online and order drugs. It is dangerous and illegal but many still do this. It is one of the main signs of a drug addiction.

Buying Medications on the Street

Many drug addicts will buy medications on the street. Even if they have their own prescription, they often feel that isn’t enough to feed their habit. They may be spending hundreds of dollars a month or even week on buying street drugs. Is addiction genetic? They may have even seen other family members doing this when they were growing up.

Higher Dosage

Many drug addicts will keep asking the doctors for a higher dosage on their pain medication. Their pain may be managed just fine with the dose they are on but they feel the need for more. The tolerance they have to the drug may be higher but they just feel their pain is getting worse.

These are some of the signs of drug addiction you may not have known. Think about whether someone in your life is doing these things. If so, they may have an addiction to drugs and need help in treating that addiction. Look for these signs in those you love who are using drugs.