Signs of Insanity That an Addiction May Cause

Signs of Insanity That an Addiction May Cause


If you have someone in your family who has an addiction, it may be causing you to have some insane behaviors. There are many people who are related to addicts that seem to lose control over their own life. The addiction takes over their feelings, their actions and their behaviors, even though they don’t even have the addiction themselves. How does family history affect addiction? If there are numerous people in the family with addictions, the insanity may be even greater.

Putting Blame Onto the Addict

One of the first signs of insanity that an addiction may cause is when you start putting blame onto the addict. Think about this for a minute. An addiction is a disease. Would you blame a diabetic for their disease? Would you blame someone with cancer for their disease? You wouldn’t and you shouldn’t blame an addict either. How does family history affect addiction? That could be why the addict in your life has an addiction. They need help but it isn’t their fault.

Getting Into Their Finances

Another way that insanity forms with an addiction is when you try to get into the addict’s finances and budget. Do you honestly believe that the addict knows where every dollar they spend goes? They don’t. Yes, much of their money may go towards drinking or using drugs but that doesn’t mean they track everything. How does family history affect addiction? Maybe there have been others in the family that have spent their entire savings on an addiction.

Stalking Them

Alright, so it might not go as far as actual stalking, but you may be trying to track everything they do and everywhere they go. If you have been doing this, you are losing your own sanity because of their addiction. Even if you are trying to catch them in the act, that doesn’t mean you are sane at the moment. Yes, you want to help them but tracking their every movement won’t help at all.

Arguing with Them

Another way you might be losing your sanity is by arguing with them. Arguing with an addict is not going to get either of you anywhere. In fact, it is probably going to cause them to become more defensive and the two of you are going to head in a vicious cycle.

These are some of the signs of insanity that you will notice with your family member’s addiction. Don’t let their addiction take over your life. Get help yourself if you need it. That needs done before you can help them anyways.