Signs You Are the Main Enabler to an Addict

Signs You Are the Main Enabler to an Addict


When you do certain things around an addict, you could be enabling their addiction. You may not want to believe that you are doing this. Many people want to try and save the addict from their harmful behaviors. The truth is you can’t save them, they must do it themselves. However, you can stop being the main enabler to their addiction. When the addict has nobody left that is enabling them, they get closer to seeing how bad their addiction really is. Is addiction hereditary? If it is, the enabling needs to stop right away from everyone in the family.

Not Taking Care of Yourself

One of the ways to tell that you are the main enabler to an addict is if you are not taking care of yourself. If you are constantly thinking about the addict and what they are doing, you are putting yourself last and them first. This is not how it should be. Even if you want to help them, you can’t do that if you aren’t taking care of yourself first. Is addiction hereditary? If so, it is understandable that you are so worried about them. However, you need to worry about and take care of yourself before anything related to their addiction comes into play.

Not Talking About Their Addiction

Another way to tell that you are the main enabler to their addiction is if you don’t talk about their addiction. If it seems there is a giant elephant every time you get in the room with them and it is just ignored, you are enabling their use. Make sure they know that you are aware of their addiction. Let them know how it makes you and others feel.

Referring to Their Addiction as Just a Phase

You are also enabling their addiction if you refer to their addiction as just a phase. An addiction is much more than a phase and they won’t just get over that. Those with addictions need to get treatment. Is addiction hereditary? If there are others in the family with addictions you know that it isn’t a phase.


These are some of the signs that you are the main enabler to the addict. If you find that you are enabling them, it might help you to go to groups and meetings. Talk about the addict in your life and find ways to stop enabling them as soon as possible.