Signs That Somone You Love May Be an Alcoholic

Signs That Someone You Love May be an Alcoholic


Are you suspecting that someone you love may be an alcoholic? If so, there are some common signs that you may be right. If you are, it may take some time for your loved one to come around, but know there are treatment centers available. Is addiction hereditary? That may be the first sign that your loved one may have an addiction to alcohol. Sometimes, but not always, alcoholism runs in the family.

Living in Secret

One of the signs you might notice is that your loved one is living in secret. This may mean they are an alcoholic. Many alcoholics try to hide their drinks. If you look, you may find alcohol bottles in the laundry hamper, under a mattress, in cupboards and other places as well. Your loved one may also be very secretive about where they are going. Addicts generally rationalize why they need to keep things secret. To them it all makes sense. Is addiction hereditary? Maybe your loved one doesn’t want others in the family to know they have an addiction.

High Risk Drinking

Your loved one may be an alcoholic is they take part in high risk drinking. They may drink in public places such as stores, at work or even at school. Your loved one may drink while driving as well. If you find out that your loved one does this, they need to get help. Is addiction hereditary? If so, your loved one may have grew up seeing their parents or others doing this. It may have become normal for this to be done.

Relationship Issues

Another one of the signs that shows your loved one may be an alcoholic is if they have relationship issues because of their drinking. Many alcoholics will stop caring as much about their relationships. Some alcoholics will become violent when drinking. Others will divorce or break up with their partner. Some will withdraw from their loved ones and friends. Doing these things cause many relationship issues. If you notice this in your loved one, they need help in overcoming their addiction.

These are some of the signs that your loved one may be an alcoholic. Be sure you recognize these things. Is addiction hereditary? If so, that may be the basis for their addiction but that doesn’t mean they can’t overcome it. They just need to see their addiction for what it is and sometimes that takes time.