Single Event Trauma: Can it Lead to an Addiction?

Single Event Trauma: Can it Lead to an Addiction?

single event trauma

Out of all the reasons that someone might live an addictive lifestyle, a single event trauma is not talked about enough. You may often hear people talking about family history as a reason for addiction. You may even hear about continuous childhood abuse leading to an addiction. While those are sad situations, it is important for people to know that a single event trauma could lead to an addiction as well. This is a type of trauma that happens once like a car accident, an attack, a rape, death of a loved one or something else that has happened just once. If you want to help an addicted family member who has suffered this sort of trauma, you can start by learning more about it.

What makes these single event traumas worse?

Dealing with and trying to get past a single even trauma is often difficult enough. However, sometimes the person dealing with this may have other people blaming them for the event. They may also have others saying they need to grow up or just get over it. Everyone needs their own time to overcome certain situations.

What effects does this trauma have on someone?

If you want to help an addicted family member who has suffered a single event trauma, learning more about what it does to them can give you a better understanding on how you can help. This type of trauma affects their emotional and physical health. It can lead them to use drugs or alcohol to cover up their emotions from the event. It can lead them to have mental health disorders and isolate from those who love them. This type of trauma can even lead them to have PTSD.

How does this type of trauma lead to an addiction?

To help an addicted family member, you should also know how a single event trauma may lead to an addiction. There are actually many ways that this could happen. Basically, that person feels like a victim and they self-medicate to deal with that. They may blame themselves for the event. You may also find that they have symptoms such as insomnia because of the event. To treat certain symptoms, they may use drugs or alcohol.

Now that you know more about how a single event trauma can lead to an addiction you can start to help an addicted family member. You can help them to overcome their emotions and feelings associated with this event and get them help if they are willing as well.