Son leads South Korea across great divide to face ‘Ronaldo of the North’

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World Cup qualifier is initial competitive men’s game between North and South in capital of North Korea and pits Tottenham’s Son against the Juventus forward Han Kwang-song. North Korea fans support their team against South Korea during a competitive women’s match in 2018.

The two Koreas meet on Tuesday in capital of North Korea, wherever officers can hope that this World Cup qualifier ends in an exceedingly higher fashion than the last. The lasting memory of the national capital game in Gregorian calendar month 2009 was the everlastingly glum Democratic People’s Republic of Korea coach, Kim Jong-hun, striding into the post-match conference flanked by 2 minders. Taking no queries, the ditch coat-wearing deviser suspect the hosts of poisoning his players then stormed out, pushing perplexed Republic of Korea solfa syllable officers out of the manner.

There was a way a lot of positive atmosphere within the qualifier that had been scheduled to be command in capital of North Korea some months earlier. With the 2 countries technically still at war, pricey Leader Kim Jong-il emotional the house tie to Shanghai because the prospect of seeing the flag of the south flutter and its anthem ring round the structure named once his (and the nation’s) father Kim Il-sung was a touch an excessive amount of. agen bola

The game in China was Associate in Nursing emotional affair, with fans from each side of the thirty eighth parallel in fine voice. At the end, the southern players bowed to the white-clad northern cheer squad and were warmly clapped and contrariwise (well, the north’s players failed to bow however did acknowledge the crowd). Even the Chinese journalists were emotional and talked wistfully of 1 day doing identical with Taiwan.
At least each episodes distracted from the soccer on display: games between the rivals square measure typically boring. the will to avoid defeat doesn’t facilitate, leading to many huff and puff and small else. The atmosphere is commonly surreal too attributable to neutral venues or supporters within the south being a touch unsure a way to act once long-faced with their fellow Koreans. there’s a lot of needle once each face their former colonizer, Japan, and even China.

This time may be completely different. no one is aware of what capital of North Korea are like. Republic of Korea have compete there one time, {in a|during a|in Associate in Nursing exceedingly|in a very} 1990 friendly that continues to be the north’s solely finish during this fixture (the ladies compete at the Kim Il-sung structure in 2017 in an Asian Cup qualifier). The Asian country capital is a lot of a completely unique soccer expertise than Associate in Nursing discouraging one, with a World Cup qualifier against Iran in 2005 Associate in Nursing exception once fans stormed the visitors’ dressing rooms and bus once a moot defeat. North Korea, in white, and South Korea salute the crowd in Seoul after their meeting there in April 2009.