My Spouse is Addicted to Prescription Pain Medications…Now What?


My Spouse is Addicted to Prescription Pain Medications…What Now?

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So, your spouse is addicted to prescription pain medications. What are you supposed to do now? Maybe there addiction surprised you out of nowhere or you knew it was coming. Either way it can be extremely difficult to be married to someone who has any sort of addiction. Addiction and family never mix the greatest. Learning what you should do if your spouse has an addiction to these types of medications is a place for you to start.

Stop Asking Yourself Certain Questions

If your spouse does have an addiction to prescription pain medications, there are some questions you must stop asking yourself. What if you tried harder? If you have been asking yourself that question, stop. Their addiction is not your fault and you couldn’t have made them quit. You are not to blame in any way for them having an addiction. What if you tried doing something differently? Again, don’t ask yourself that. You couldn’t have changed their mind. Their use of these medications was up to them. Why won’t they quit? An addiction is just that, an addiction. Your spouse will stop when they feel they have an addiction and truly need help. You can’t make them get treatment so asking yourself that question will only drive you crazy.

Don’t Be Alone

If your spouse is addicted to prescription pain medications, know that you should not be alone. If you sit at home just waiting for your spouse to quit their addiction, you may be waiting for a long time. Get up and spend time with family and friends. Get yourself out of your spouse’s addictive path for a bit. You can separate addiction and family so you can have some positive in your life right now.

End Negative Feelings

If you are like many others who have a spouse addicted to prescription pain medications, you have some negative thoughts and feelings. You may feel like you caused their addiction, like you can control the addiction and that you can cure the addiction. None of these things are true. First of all, you are not to blame for your spouse’s addiction no matter what. Also know that nobody can control someone’s addiction except for that person. Lastly, no addiction can be cured. Treatment is an option but until your spouse will go for that, it won’t happen.

If your spouse has an addiction to prescription pain medications, they do need help. However, when you are dragging yourself down to their level and putting yourself into the destructive path of their addiction, that won’t help a bit. Addiction and family don’t belong together. Step out of that path until your spouse is willing to get treatment.