Steps to a Well-Planned Intervention

Steps to a Well-Planned Intervention

well-planned intervention

There are some people who get stuck in an addictive lifestyle. They may even be in denial about their addiction. For many addicts, they don’t decide to get clean and sober until an intervention gets them there. If you know someone with an addiction and you want to help an addict, you need to follow some steps for a well-planned intervention.

Legal Planning

The first thing you must do to plan an intervention is to follow the law. You must never use force to get someone to listen to those attending. You can’t force them into treatment either. If you want to help an addict overcome their addiction, you must remember the legal aspects of how to plan and hold an intervention.

Have a Team

Another step to a well-planned intervention is to have a team. This team should consist of friends and family members of the addict. You can also invite neighbors, co-workers and others. You don’t want too many people to be there. However, you want enough to show they care and love the addict. The people who attend should want to help an addict get clean and sober.

Having a Plan

The next step that should be done to help an addict with a well-planned intervention is to have a plan. The intervention should be thought out and a schedule should be in place. You should have the place where everyone is going to meet and when everyone should be there. The attendees of the intervention should be there before the addict.

Communication is the Key

The next step is to make sure everyone is communicating. Everyone should know what they are going to say and talk with the other attendees about what is going to be said. The attendees should communicate about where they think would be best for the addict to attend treatment in case they agree to go to rehab. Everyone should understand that emotions must stay intact during the intervention.

Talk with a Rehab Center

The leader of the intervention should also talk to a rehab center that was agreed upon. They should make sure there is open bed at the rehab in case the addict decides to go there. The leader should talk to the rehab center to discuss the addict’s situation so they are prepared if the addict shows up.

If you want to help an addict, these are the steps to take if you want to have a well-planned intervention. Keep these in mind and talk to the other attendees you want to be there today.