Things to Know about Your Loved One’s Addiction


Things to Know About Your Loved One’s Addiction

loved one's addiction

Your loved one has an addiction to drugs or alcohol. You worry about them constantly and you have no idea what you should do about it. The first thing you need to do is to take a step back for a moment. Is addiction hereditary? If so, that may be where much of their addictive behaviors are coming from. That could give you a lead on how to handle things. There are some things you should know about your loved one’s addiction that could help you to keep your own sanity and help them as well.

You Are Not the Reason for Their Addiction

Is addiction hereditary? Do you have an addiction? Even if you do, know that does not make you the reason for their addiction. Yes, addiction often runs in families but there are ways people can prevent and overcome their own addictions. An addiction is chronic and it progresses. You did not cause your loved one’s addiction. It is a disease. Make sure you know that it isn’t your fault.

You Have No Control Over Your Loved One’s Addiction

Another thing you should know is that you have no control over your loved one’s addiction. You can’t make them stop using drugs or alcohol. In order for anyone to overcome an addiction, they must want to do it. They must want to heal and overcome the obstacles associated with their addiction. Trying to fix their problem will only make it worse. For now, all you can do is focus on keeping your own sanity and fixing any issues you may have. Trying to control them will only make them push further and further away from you. Is addiction hereditary? If it is, your loved one may be even more distant and you will have no say about what they do.

You Can’t Cure the Addiction They Have

The first thing to know in this regard is that nobody can cure an addiction. However, people can get into recovery from their addiction. It is just like some other diseases. There is no cure for some but there are treatments that help to keep someone in remission or recovery. You can help your loved one when they are recovering from the addiction but you can’t cure them.

These are some of the things you should know about your loved one’s addiction. As long as you remember these things, you can keep your own life under control and help them when they are ready.