Tips on Having an Alcoholic Roommate

Tips on Having an Alcoholic Roommate


If you have an alcoholic roommate, there are some tips that you may need to be using. Sometimes living with some with an alcohol addiction can put a big toll on your own life. You may be pushed into dealing with their hangovers, drunken nights and a hectic schedule too. If you want to support your roommate in getting help but you don’t know what to do in the meantime, keep these tips in mind. Is addiction hereditary? If your roommate has family members with addictions, they may need your support more than ever.

Note Warning Signs

The first signs that you notice of your roommate being an alcoholic, you should say something. However, before just blurting out the first things you think of, you have to be cautious. Is addiction hereditary? If so, you really have to watch what you are saying to your roommate. They may already be on edge. You may not even know it but they may feel ashamed of their behaviors. If your roommate is drinking multiple times each week, having blackouts, spending money for bills on alcohol and having hangovers, they do need help. Recognize and note these warning signs and find a professional to help you talk to your roommate.

No Enabling

You should not enable your roommate. If you want to stay living with them, you must make sure you aren’t enabling them. This may be difficult. You see they are struggling every day and all you want is to help them. However, enabling isn’t helping them do anything but stay in their addictive lifestyle. You can go to groups to learn how to stop enabling. Is addiction hereditary? If so, you will want to stop enabling them as soon as possible.

Take Care of Yourself

If your roommate is an alcoholic, you should make sure you take care of yourself. The toll that their addiction is going to take on you is rough. Make sure you are taking care of your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health. All these things are going to be important to keep your own sanity and to help your roommate get treatments as well.

If your roommate is an alcoholic, these are things you should do. Living with anyone who has an alcohol addiction is tough. Make sure you don’t forget these tips. You deserve to keep your sanity. Your roommate may get treatment but for now this is what you can do.