Tips to Have a Better Conversation with Your Family Regarding Your Addiction

Tips to Have a Better Conversation with Your Family Regarding Your Addiction


If you have an addiction to alcohol or drugs and you don’t feel your family will understand, there are some tips you can have to create a better conversation with them regarding your addiction. Yes, it may not be easy. There are some people who might get upset or judge you. However, just know that there are treatment programs where people will support you. Is addiction genetic? If so, you could bring this up during the conversation with your family.

Going to a Support Group

One of the first things you may want to do to have a better conversation with your family regarding your addiction is to attend a support group. There will be recovering addicts in this group who can tell you how they spoke with their family. They can give you some pointers that have worked for them. AA and NA are wonderful groups full of loving and supportive people. Going to a support group can also give you others to talk to after you have spoken with your family. Is addiction genetic? If so, you may be scared to tell your family you but these groups can help.

Conversation Location

It is important to consider where you will be having this talk with your family. You don’t want to have this type of conversation during a holiday event. You need to make sure you have everyone’s attention. It shouldn’t be done in a restaurant or anywhere that there may be a lot of noise. You need your family to concentrate and hear you out. It should be some place private where you might feel the most comfortable. Is addiction genetic? Maybe you want to talk to another recovering addict in your family, if there is one first. You may be able to get people over to their house to have this conversation.


When you are talking to your family regarding your addiction, be sure to have complete honesty. Don’t sugarcoat your addictive behaviors or lifestyle. Don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t addicted to drugs or alcohol. They don’t get to decide that.

These are some of the tips for having a better conversation with your family regarding your addiction. You can always call a professional addiction specialist and see if they can help you break the news to your family as well. Get some support and let your family know what has been going on.