Tips for Family Members of a Drug Addict

Tips for Family Members of a Drug Addict

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Family members of a drug addict suffer way more than many people like to believe. The addiction is so widespread that it attempts to engulf everyone around it. If you are one of the family members of a drug addiction, you may be scared. You may not be sure what you are supposed to be doing. Is addiction genetic and will it hit others in your family? Those are some questions that may be constantly going through your mind. By following the tips here today, you can ease things up in your own life that has become tense due to their addiction.

Negative Enabling Should Not Be Done

There is something called enabling. You should never involve yourself in something called negative enabling. This is when you give the addict what they need to continue into their addiction. You might give them money to cover bills, food or to get drugs. Maybe you might even pay for their transportation or take them places. You must learn to say no to the drug addict and stay with that plan. The more you lean back into saying yes, the more they are going to push you for what they want. As long as they believe you will keep up with their addiction, the longer they are going to keep coming to you for help. Don’t help them in negative ways.

Getting Support

If you are one of the family members of a drug addict it is very helpful for you to get support. You can talk to a therapist, support group members or even go to forums online. There are so many places, organizations and websites that offer support to family members of an addict. Getting support can give you that emotional boost you need to keep saying no and to stop negative enabling. If you think is addiction genetic you can talk about that in support groups too.

Chance to Change

You read above that you should not participate in negative enabling. However, you can and should participate in positive enabling. This is when you encourage the drug addict in your life to change their behavior. You encourage them to get out of their addictive lifestyle and addictive ways. If the addict is not getting monetary or other types of help from family members, they may be more willing to change. Is addiction genetic? If so, find out if others have had treatment and where. You can get lists of where to offer the drug addict in your life treatment if you call today.

These are some of the tips that you can use if you have a drug addict in your life.