Tips on Helping Your Child Prevent a Relapse: Try Them Today

Tips on Helping Your Child Prevent a Relapse: Try Them Today


You raise your children the best you can. It is your hope that they will turn out to succeed in everything they do in life. That is a great parenting state-of-mind. However, the truth is that no matter what you do, things can still sometimes go wrong. Some children may end up living with an addiction. It can be tough to deal with and you may want nothing more than to take it all away for them. While you can’t make it all better for them, you can help an addict child. There are some things you can do to help your child prevent a relapse.

Do Exciting Things with Them

As a recovering addict, your child wants to have a good support network. They want to know their friends and family are there for them. They want to have things to look forward to in their recovery. You can help them with this by doing exciting things with them. Plan a small trip or even a night where you go out to dinner with them every 2 weeks. When they are in recovery, they have a schedule they try to stick to. However, they still want to know you will have a great time with them. If you want to help an addict, do exciting things with your child to help them prevent a relapse.

Take Things One Day at a Time

Yes, one day at a time is a recovery saying but that doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t use it as well. Your child will be using this saying and living it during their recovery. If there are things going on in the family or changes that need to be made, take things one day at a time if you want to help an addict child. If you rush things or make big changes all at once, your child may feel a lot of pressure, especially if it directly affects them.

Do Things That Help You

Dealing with your child’s addiction may have been one of the toughest things you ever did. Trying to understand what they are going through now may be confusing and stressful as well. If you want to help an addict child, you need to be at your best as well. Make sure you do things that help you. Go to a support group for family members of addicts. You will meet other parents who are struggling in the same ways you are. Maybe take an hour or two for one night a week just to yourself. Get your alone time in so you don’t forget to take care of yourself.

These are some of the ways you can help your child prevent a relapse. If you do these things, you can help an addict child be at their best.