Top Reasons Holidays are Difficult for Addicts

Top Reasons Why Holidays Are Difficult for Addicts


When your loved one is living an addictive lifestyle, holidays may be one of the most difficult times for them to get sober. There are many reasons for this as you will read here today. Sometimes holiday bring about stress or they may even trigger something from your loved one’s past they don’t like to think about. Is addiction hereditary? If so, your loved one may have a difficult time with holidays because those were drunk or high-fests when they were growing up. If you know more about why holidays may be difficult for your addicted loved one, you may be able to help them get into treatment regardless.

Emphasis on Getting High or Drunk

As mentioned above, your loved one may feel an emphasis on getting high or drunk when the holidays come around. Is addiction hereditary? They may have grown up around family members who were getting drunk or high at Christmas, Thanksgiving or another holiday. If that was their environment when growing up, it may be what they know. Help them to see they can do something different during these times and they can stay sober.

Difficulty with Larger Gatherings

Your loved one may have difficulty with larger gatherings. There could be many reasons for this. They may get nervous, anxious or stressed when they get around a lot of people. This can cause them to want to use drugs or alcohol to numb these feelings. Is addiction hereditary? If so, being around that when they were growing up could have brought about these feelings that your loved one now wants to numb. If this is the case, help your loved one by holding smaller gatherings around the holidays.

Being Stuck at Home

Is addiction hereditary? If so, your loved one and the family may not have had many events during the holidays. This may have caused your loved one to feel alone. That is not a good feeling to have especially multiple times throughout the year. Being stuck at home can cause your loved one to want to drink or get high. If that is happening for your loved one, get them out around the holidays. Invite them to stay at your home or bring them to a sober party you are going to.

These are some of the reasons holidays may be difficult for addicts. If your loved one has an addiction, help them to ease the holiday time even just a bit.