What to Do When You Visit a Family Member in a Rehab Facility?

What to Do When You Visit a Family Member in a Rehab Facility?

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Going to visit a family member in a rehab facility may be tough for you. It might seem like one of the hardest things you ever have to do. If you are not sure what you are supposed to do or say when you go and visit them, there are some things you should know. Is addiction genetic? If it is, you may want to not speak of that when you come to the facility. Your family member doesn’t need a reminder of anyone else who has an addiction. They do need to know you are proud of them and the progress they are making.

Praise Them

One of the best things you can do when you visit a family member in a rehab facility is to praise them. They need to know you still care about them and you are proud of them. Is addiction genetic? If it is, this is even more important that you praise them. They still have a long way into long-term recovery. Praising them now can encourage them to keep up with all their hard work.

No Drama

Is addiction genetic? If there are other family members with addictions who are causing drama, don’t bring that with you. Don’t tell your family member who is in a rehab facility about it at all. They don’t need negative things in their life while they are working hard to stay sober and working on their recovery.

Visit Often

Many rehab facilities will have guidelines about when you can and can’t visit. You should visit as often as they allow you to. Your family member wants to know that even when they aren’t home, you are thinking of them. They want to know you support them in this process. It is a big change for them and they need you.

No Sarcasm

You might think jokes will lighten the mood. Is addiction genetic? If so, jokes are definitely not the way to go. Overcoming an addiction is a serious matter and you should take it seriously. Your family member is taking things seriously in treatment.

Focus on the Present

When you come to visit your family member in a rehab facility, focus on the present. The future is not what your family member should focus on at this time. They are going to be taking things one day at a time and that is something you should help them with.

If you weren’t sure what to do before now, you have the information for what you should and should not do when visiting your family member in a rehab facility.