Do You Want to Finally Stop Being the Enabler?

Do You Want to Finally Stop Being the Enabler?


If you have been the enabler to an addict but you finally want to stop, don’t worry because you can do that. Is addiction hereditary? If so, you may find that you grew up learning to enable or others may have enabled you. Either way, you can learn to stop enabling and instead, hopefully help the addict see that they need to get into a treatment center.

Do an Intervention

One of the first ways you can stop being the enabler is to do an intervention. If you need help in planning it, there are addiction interventionists who are willing to be there. They can offer you great advice and even be the mediator for the session. Is addiction hereditary? The intervention is a time for loved ones to express their concerns about the addict’s behavior and their feelings in regards to the addiction. It is not a judgment zone but a safe place to help the addict to see they need treatment. It is a time to let the addict know you will no longer be enabling them.

Get Support

It can be a difficult thing to stop being the enabler. You may need all the support you can get. Going to a support group for families of addicts can be a great thing. It can allow you to express your feelings about your loved one’s addiction. Others can support you when you tell your loved one that you will not be enabling them. If you had a difficult time telling your loved one no to something you would have said yes to before, go to one of these groups and talk about it. It isn’t just the addict who needs support when getting treatment, their loved ones need it as well.


It is good to prepare yourself for the intervention. Prepare yourself for what the addict might say when you tell them you won’t be the enabler any more. Get prepared on what it will be like if your loved one does say they will agree to treatment. The process is tough for anyone involved. The more preparation you have for this, the saner you can stay throughout the process. Additionally, the more preparation you have, the stronger you will be when needing to say no to your loved one.

These are some of the ways you can stop being the enabler. Now that you have these tips, use them to stop enabling your loved one.

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