What Are Some Ways You Can Care for Children of Addicts?


What Are Some Ways You Can Care for Children of Addicts?

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It is quite sad to see children who are uncared for when they have addicted parents. It is not necessarily that their parents don’t care about them. The addiction just takes first place most of the time. This is a tough situation and someone needs to care for children of addicts. The family roles in addiction mean that sometimes children don’t get the care they need. Children don’t choose the situation their family is in and they deserve to be cared for.

Know More About the Effects These Children Face

Children of addiction are dealing with family roles in addiction they didn’t choose. The effects that are put onto them are often harsh and troubling. Children that have addicted parents are more likely to have abusive parents. This doesn’t guarantee abusive parents but it is certainly more likely. They are also more likely to have a lack of healthy coping skills for dealing with family conflicts as well. Additionally, they are three times as likely to have their own addiction as they grow up.

Helping These Children

To help children of addicts, you must understand more about the family roles in addiction. There are ways you can make a difference in their lives. You can offer them support, love and care and they could still turn out to have a normal life for the most part. Just because the parent is preoccupied with their addiction doesn’t mean the children has to be left to their own.

Be Responsible

If the children of addicts are left without the care they need, you may want to step up and take care of them. Maybe you will let the parent know you are willing to let the child live with you so the parent can get treatment or until they get well. Some parents with addictions are willing to do this and it may even inspire them to get treatment as well.

Get Them in Therapy

Children are going to school and most schools have counselors. Children of addicts need to have someone they can trust and confide in and that is exactly what counselors are for. The counselors can help the children to develop healthy living skills and coping skills as well.


Children are unlikely to know exactly what is going on with their parents. They may feel confused, to blame and responsible for the chaos in their home. It is important that children of addicts get educated about addictions so they can let go of these negative feelings. They need to know it is not their fault. The family roles in addiction need to be changed so the child is not to blame.

If you want to help children of addicts teach them about these family roles in addiction and help them to see they can still have a great life.