What is CRAFT and Does it Help?

What is CRAFT and Does it Help?


When someone has an addict in their family, they may often hold an intervention. You may have seen these held on television shows or you may have been to one yourself. While interventions can be helpful, they don’t always work out the way you want them to. In addition, when an addict hears the word intervention they often become defensive. What if there was another way you could confront them without an intervention? There is and it is called CRAFT. Is addiction hereditary? If so, you should definitely use CRAFT over an intervention. The addict may be more willing to hear you out. CRAFT allow the addict’s family to interact with them and possibly aim them towards treatment.


Part of the CRAFT approach is for the addict’s family to figure out what the addict’s triggers are for drinking or using drugs. Is addiction hereditary? If it is, part of their trigger may be just thinking that it is normal or in their blood to use drugs or drink. If this is the case, you can talk to them about doing other things. When they spend time with you and have fun while clean and sober, they may change their way of thinking.

Breaking Patterns

CRAFT helps with breaking patterns for your loved one so try it soon. They are used to drinking and using drugs. They are used to going about their addictive behaviors. When they do these things often, it becomes their nature and their way of living. Breaking patterns is necessary for them to overcome addiction. Is addiction hereditary? If it is, it may be a bit more difficult for them to break patterns but with your help they have a better chance of doing this.


Creating better communication skills helps the addict to reach out for help. Without enabling, let the addict know you are there for them and you are willing to help them out of the hole they are in. Let them know that you are there to listen without judgements. The more open communication there is, in healthy ways, the better chance they have of getting treatment. Is addiction hereditary? If so, it may be harder for them to reach out but once they start doing it that will become nature.

This is what CRAFT is and how it can help. If you want to find another approach to guiding your loved one into treatment, CRAFT is sometimes a better option rather than an intervention.