When Should You Plan an Intervention?

When Should You Plan an Intervention?


You are sitting there thinking about your loved one. You know that you care about them and all you want is for them to get better. If you aren’t sure what you should do or say to help them, it may be time to plan an intervention. Between addiction and family, there is always that line that seems to cut everyone off from each other. You can try to close that gap and create a healthier path for your loved one to follow. As long as you know, you can’t force them to follow the path you create; you will be trying to help them and keeping your own sanity as well. For now, learn more about an intervention and whether it is time to have one.

What is an actual intervention?

An actual intervention consists of getting loved ones, friends and family together to talk about the concerns everyone has for the addict. It is not essential but it is usually more effective to have an addiction recovery specialist or a counselor attend too. They will be there to help things run more smoothly and to help keep the criticism to a minimum. The specialist or counselor will help to keep things more productive.

What are the goals of an actual intervention?

If you have never brought together an actual intervention before, there are some goals you should be striving for. The main goals to work towards include the following:

  • Getting the addict to change behaviors before their life worsens even further because of their addiction.
  • Getting the addict a better support system to head into recovery.
  • Getting the addict to see that people care about them and others are just trying to help.

These are the main goals that should be focused on when getting everyone together with the addict. Talking about addiction and family can be tough but it can be done with a proper intervention.

When should you set it up?

Deciding when you should set up the intervention can be tough. You will want to hold the intervention when you believe your loved one won’t be high or under the influence of alcohol. However, with some addicts, that is nearly impossible to work around. You should also try to set it up when you feel they have an addiction, not years or even months later. Yes, you may have to do another one later on but start as soon as possible.

You now know when you should have an intervention. Remember addiction and family can be broken apart but you can put the family back together.