Why Do Some Teens Do Drugs?

Why Do Some Teens Do Drugs?


There are some people who think they understand why people do drugs. However, when it comes to teens using they are at a loss. They think that a teen should not have anything tough to deal with that could send them into an addictive lifestyle. The important thing to remember is that teens don’t choose to have an addiction and neither does anyone else. Teens have much less impulse control than adults since their brains are still developing. This makes the chances of them trying drugs much higher which only contributes to the list of reasons they may use. If you want to help an addict teen overcome their addiction, figure out why they are using and go from there.

No Life Direction

One of the many reasons that teens start using drugs is because they don’t have any life direction. They may have parents that have never really been there to guide them. Maybe they have been in and out of foster care homes so they don’t feel they can connect to anyone. They may not get much help from their teachers or other school administrators. If you want to help an addict teen who started using because they have no life direction, be their mentor. Help them to figure out where they want to go in life. Help them set up goals and be there to help them stay accountable. You can also be there to guide them through recovery treatment as well.

Being Bored

Another reason that many teens try drug is because they are bored. This may seem like a simple excuse but it isn’t. Teens need to learn how to better manage their time. They need to learn some healthy ways to fill up their days as they grow up. The teens that are not very busy and maybe not in any extracurricular activities are still searching for ways to spend their time and so they may use drugs to try and fill that void. If you want to help an addict teen who used because they were bored, give them something to do. Maybe you can ask them to spend evenings or even just one evening a week with you. You may want to look up some community activities they might be interested in as well.


There are also many teens who experience a lot of pain in their life. Many people believe that there isn’t much pain that a teen could even experience. However, some teens have been mentally, physically or even sexually abused. They may be using drugs to try to cover up the pain from those things. Some teens have gotten into car accidents or even been injured while playing sports. They may start using to cover up the physical pain from those situations. If you want to help an addict teen who started using because of pain, get them into physical therapy. Teach them how to use yoga or meditation to overcome the pain. You may even want to give them massage therapy certificates to help ease the pain.

These are some of the reasons they teens use drugs. If you know a teen who has started using, try to help them get out of that lifestyle as soon as possible.