Will Insurance Help My Loved One Overcome Addiction?

Will Insurance Help My Loved One Overcome Addiction?


Your loved one has an addiction. You would like for them to overcome that addiction. However, you aren’t sure how treatment will get paid for. You know they don’t have money to cover it and you certainly don’t have it either. Will insurance help your loved one overcome addiction? Is addiction genetic? If so, you need to call to find out right away whether their carrier is going to cover treatment so they can get in. Most companies will cover addiction treatment. Find out more here!

Will the addiction rehabs accept insurance?

When you call around to addiction rehabs you will find out that most of them will accept it. Each one may have their own policy. There might only be certain plans or companies that are allowed for payment or they may accept them all. When you call the rehab centers, you should ask about your loved one’s particular  plan. This may be one of the first questions you want to ask. Is addiction genetic? If it is, make that call today.

Will the Carrier cover certain types of treatment?

You will also need to check on the types of treatment that your loved one’s plan will cover. It isn’t just important to know whether the addiction treatment center will accept the insurance. You also need to know what treatment types are covered by the plan. Most plans will cover any type of drug treatment. They may cover inpatient, intensive outpatient or outpatient treatment. Some plans will only cover one or two of the three. Is addiction genetic? This could be a factor in the insurance plan.

Will the insurance plan cover the entire amount owed to a rehab facility?

This is another thing you will need to check on. When you call the carrier, you should check if they cover all of the treatment. Most insurance carriers will. If they don’t cover it all, you need to check to see what percentage they will cover for your loved one. Overcoming addiction is important. Most carriers understand the importance of doing just that. Is addiction genetic? The insurance carrier may want to know this when figuring out payment and such.

Will insurance help your loved one overcome addiction? Is addiction genetic? That may help your loved one to be covered for addiction treatments. You will need to call your loved one’s insurance carrier to find out what and how much will be covered. You will need permission from your loved one to talk to the carrier about this.