How Will a Mentor Help Your Family Member Overcome Their Addiction?

How Will a Mentor Help Your Family Member Overcome Their Addiction?


If your family member needs to overcome their addiction, a mentor could help them. Many recovering addicts, especially those who are dealing with addiction and family, need a main support person to help them out. Many people would consider or use the help of a sponsor and a mentor is basically the same thing. This is a person that is there for your family member, helps them make plans to recover from the addiction and helps them overcome obstacles along the way as well.

Positive Support

One of the ways a mentor will help your family member to overcome their addiction is by giving them positive support. You family member needs all the support they can get from their support team. They need the support to be positive and uplifting. From their sponsor or mentor, they will get their main support. If your family member to break addiction and family apart, it is time to talk to them about getting someone to help them.


A mentor can also provide guidance for your family member so help them get one. They may need guidance to work through the 12 steps. Your family member may need guidance for finding a new job, working through therapy or breaking off certain relationships as well. It can be difficult to completely change one’s life around so this person is going to help your family member along the way.

Finding Resources

As a recovering addict, it can sometimes be tough to find all the resources that are needed. Someone may need resources for therapy, mental health treatment, recovery books and much more. It is helpful to have a mentor or someone who knows more about where to find these resources. Your family member needs to have someone who can help them to find resources so they have a better chance of overcoming their addiction.

These are some of the many ways a mentor or sponsor can help your family member to overcome their addiction. If you want your family member to succeed in getting clean, sober and into a recovering lifestyle, talk to them about how a mentor may be able to help them do these things. They may not be sure of it at first and they may need time. However, after they do reach out and find someone to fill this position, they will see all the benefits, including these ones that person can help them with.