Will a Sober Living Home be Best?

Will a Sober Living Home be Best?

sober living home

There are many ways an addict can overcome their addiction and a sober living home may be right for the one you love. How does family history affect addiction? If it is a big part of the family, a sober living home could help. This is a type of home that gives a recovering addict better chances at staying sober and preventing a relapse. Learning more about how this home may help the addict in your life.

What is this type of home?

The sober living home is a transition type home. When someone gets out of the inpatient rehab program, they might not be fully ready to go back to their home. They may still need a lot more support and a sober environment with others. This is where this type of home comes in. It gives the recovering addict a chance to live a normal, recovering life without having a high risk of relapsing. How does family history affect addiction? If the addict has a family history of addiction, this type of home is even more recommended.

How does this type of home provide structure for the recovering addict?

A sober living home can give the recovering addict a lot of structure. They do have much freedom, more than they had in the inpatient rehab program. However, there are times they should be up, doing chores and returning home at night as well. By giving the recovering addict this type of structure, they are able to reduce the risk of relapsing, have freedom and keep moving ahead in their recovering lifestyle as well.

How does this type of home make the recovering addict more accountable?

When a recovering addict goes to a sober living home, they will also have a lot more accountability. They will be living around other recovering addicts who are trying their best to stay clean and sober as well. By living around like-minded people, they will feel more accountable and responsible for their actions. How does family history affect addiction? If it is a major part of the recovering addict’s life, they may benefit more and feel more accountable being around other recovering addicts instead of family.

A sober living home might be best for the addict in your life. If you aren’t sure, call today to find out more about this type of living situation for your loved one.